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World languages free

      When studying foreign languages it is important to learn words. Usually this is a very boring process. It is necessary many times to repeat the words, pronunciation, translation, writing. For children it is important that the lessons were interesting.
      Educational Board games from paper very cheap, can look interesting and beautiful, you can do them yourself with the children.
      Use the version of the game OFLAMERON in crossword to memorize the French words (native - English). Small crossword 6-7 words with multiple intersections. Looks very simple. But we highlight individual words (see first table). And then remove the letters from the table. The student will have only the TRANSLATION of words into the native language, know the number of letters in words and to see the "point" of intersection words.
      World languages
      World languages
      The finished table looks like this
      World languages
      Not a very simple task for a student. The difficulty can be increased if you use more words.

World languages free

      You can easily develop your own mini-crossword puzzles for lessons. Use DOCX files for Microsoft Word.
      Create a crossword puzzle takes 10-15 minutes.
      Great job for students older than 6-7 years.
      Free download DOCX and PDF guide
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