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World languages free

      Another version of the Board game OFLAMERON on the paper for the study of world languages. Use a table drawn in Microsoft Word. Put foreign words in table cells to fill the maximum number of cells.
      World languages
      World languages
      An example here is a small table.
      World languages
      Complete the entire table. Unused cells will fill with random letters. Give the students the assignment for the lesson. Students must "find" the table as many foreign words and name translation. The complexity of the task is easy to increase. For this we need to increase the number of table cells and use more foreign words.
      These tables can be used in several lessons.
      Use tables that include empty cells.

World languages free

      World languages
      Give students several cards with letters that can be placed in table cells. The student can place them in EMPTY cells to make additional foreign words.
      Because the number of empty cells is small, it is not a class. Can be made more interesting, if you allow cards to replace ANY cells.
      World languages
      And the option for advanced students. Give students instructions to make their tables. Then the students change tables and do the job.
      You can adjust the difficulty level of the lesson, changing the number of cells in the table, the number of foreign words and the number of cards with letters.
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